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Comfort Analysis

Home Comfort

Specialized Comfort Analysis
Does your home or business need a new comfort system? This is a considerable investment and is the Energy Engine for your residence or business. Our Specialized Comfort Analysis is a diagnostic tool that calculates equipment sizing needs, and identifies specific areas of your home or business that maybe be a factor in structure design.  Let Spence HVAC insure all factors are considered prior to installation.

Recognize cold or hot spots?
A Spence HVAC Specialized Comfort Analysis will tell you why.

Does your Utility Bill seem high?

On average a home or business has an energy waste rate between 20 – 40%. The largest percentage comes from the heat pump, air conditioning and furnace units. Our Specialized Comfort Analysis will evaluate where the greatest volume of energy loss is occurring.

Does anyone in your home or on your staff suffer from Allergies, and Asthma?

The air in your home or business could be contributing factors. Our analysis and Lennox™ solutions can make for a healthier and more productive environment.

Does your environment seem too humid or dry?

Unbalanced humidity levels can cause a variety of issues, any of which could affect your family and/or staff, and equipment. Spence HVAC, and Lennox™ Products will help.

This is how a Spence HVAC Specialized Comfort Analysis assesses these issues.

An air quality professional will visit your home, and perform diagnostic test using highly sophisticated   instruments that will identify air quality problems. Your Spence HVAC professional will then provide you with a customized plan to address these issues permanently.

Humiditrol® Whole-Home
Dehumidification System
Clean air

Personalized Improvement Plan
Once the inspection and testing are complete, your service professional will explain the results, and give you a prioritized plan of recommended improvements. Often improvements such as adding insulation or weather-stripping - can be performed by the business or homeowners themselves. Other improvements may require professional installation. Upon your request we can recommend reliable and qualified contractors to assist you in any solution we do not offer.