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Breathe Smart

What it Means


If you're concerned about your health, you probably watch what you eat. There's no doubt good nutrition is important. But it's also a smart idea to pay attention to what you breathe. That means thinking about the products you use and the potential impacts they have on your home environment. It also means taking precautions to avoid problems.

One easy step you can take to keep the air clean is to invest in an air-purification system. Regular dusting and vacuuming, as well as washing of linens, can also go a long way to improve the quality of your home's air.

Energy Saver

By combining proper equipment maintenance and upgrades with appropriate insulation, air sealing, and thermostat settings, you can cut your energy use for heating and cooling, and reduce environmental emissions, from 20% to 50%.

Making Sense of Energy Ratings

Under the terms of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA), energy-efficiency standards for residential cooling systems have been raised. A minimum of 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is required for air conditioners and 13 SEER/7.7 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) for heat pumps.

Equipment rated 13 SEER or higher costs more than 10- and 12-SEER systems. However, it's important that you consider overall value. The improved energy efficiency of higher-SEER equipment will lower your utility bills, saving you money in the long run.


The Newest Feature to Our Website

We have just added Client Testimonials to our website and need your help in adding testimonials. If you have used our services we would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know how we did. Photo is not necessary, but always appreciated. http://spencehvac.com/component/rsmonials/

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Reducing our Footprint

Spence hvac Spence Heating and Air Conditioning prides itself in taking care of the earth by recycling everything possible in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

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