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Product Financing

hvac financing

Financing options to make your purchase easy and comfortable


Comfort plus convenience

Enjoy increased purchasing power and buying convenience with:

Competitive interest rates

No down payment required

No annual fee

Generous credit lines available

No prepayment penalties

Low monthly payments

Simple application—only takes minutes

Open line of credit for future purchases

heating and air financing

Summer Allergies Causing Problems?

Ways to control allergiessummer allergies

1. Turn on your A/C. Your air conditioning system not only filters the air inside your home, it helps remove excess moisture that can lead to allergy-triggering mold and mildew. Buy a humidity gauge at a home improvement store; if your home's humidity registers above 50% with the air conditioner on, your system may not be sized properly.

2. Change your furnace filter. Inspecting and replacing your furnace filter regularly helps your HVAC system filter out allergens more efficiently.

3. Leave your shoes at the door. And change your clothes after spending time outdoors. Otherwise you're simply tracking in pollen and other outdoor allergens and distributing them throughout your home.

4. Wash sheets and pillowcases weekly in hot water. Encasing pillows, mattresses and box springs in plastic covers will also help control the growth of dust mites.

5. Install an air purifier like the PureAir™ Air Purification System from Lennox. Air purifiers remove small, breathable particles of dust, dirt, pollen and allergens to improve your home's air quality. The PureAir system also removes airborne mold spores, bacteria, viruses, odors and chemical vapors to help you breathe a sigh of relief.

6. Kill mold now. If you're allergic to pollen and pet dander, you're probably sensitive to mold spores, too. Mold loves to grow where it's warm and damp (like the bathroom), so each week clean bath mats in hot water and clean the corners of your shower or tub. Always turn on the ventilation fan while you're taking a shower.

7. Use a germicidal light to kill contaminants. Ultraviolet lights like the Healthy Climate® UV Germicidal Light attach to your home's furnace or air handler, destroying contaminants at their source and removing them before the air is recirculated into your home.

8. Target pests. Cockroaches and mice have allergens in their saliva and droppings that can make you sneeze. Be sure to clean regularly under your stove and refrigerator to remove crumbs, and don't leave dishes in the sink.

9. Vacuum using a HEPA filter system or double-layer bags. Dust mites take up residence in your living room, bedroom, anywhere there's upholstery and carpet. Use the vacuum's upholstery attachment to remove pet hair from furniture, and keep pets off chairs as much as possible.

10. Remove clutter. Knickknacks, books, magazines and stuffed animals collect dust. Store them away in plastic bins to keep your home cleaner.

Reducing our Footprint

Spence hvac Spence Heating and Air Conditioning prides itself in taking care of the earth by recycling everything possible in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

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