Solar Powered Attic Fans

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Spence HVAC

Solar Powered Attic Fans


A well placed solar vent installed by Spence HVAC will protect your health and property.

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Deep breathing is good for houses too. Installing a solar vent in your attic or crawl space clears the air.

solar powered attic fan

Humidity is a culprit that eventually causes structural damage to your home and can cause major health issues (particularly respiratory difficulties). Good reasons for installing a solar powered attic fan.


  • Air that becomes trapped in the attic cools and mixes with hot air created from household activities such as showering, laundering and cooking to create a humid environment.
  • Moisture buildup in your attic creates a perfect breeding ground for mold which can cause serious respiratory and other health issues.
  • Molds and fungus also cause structural decay when they accumulate on wooden roof and floor supports. Mold is a toxin that must be removed immediately after it's found.
  • Without proper ventilation, the attic will trap heat during the summer months, which increases the money you'll spend on cooling costs.
  • During the winter, trapped heat will melt the snow off the roof too quickly, which will then freeze and cause dangerous ice to form on the eaves.
  • Installing a solar power attic fan directs the moisture out of your enclosed areas. And that's not the only reason for installing a solar power attic fan.



Health Improvements

If you've noticed a dramatic increase in your energy bills during the summer months, or that breathing has become more difficult for some members of your family, it may be time to investigate the attic or crawlspace in your home for poor air quality, humidity build up and the accumulation of molds.

After having your attic or crawlspace examined for mold and other toxins, consider investing in solar vents to help circulate trapped air and prevent it from becoming too hot.

Because these vents rely on solar energy, once installed they don't need constant adjustments.

Additionally, unlike electrical vents that rely on a severe increase in temperature or moisture levels to peak before allowing the vents to open, solar vents circulate air constantly. Temperature and moisture are not allowed to rise to harmful levels before being expelled.

Installing solar vents is easy and doesn't cost much in terms of equipment, materials, or electrical wiring. Because the vents are powered by solar energy, they'll function for many years without any increase in your energy bill. If anything, you will see a reduction in your energy consumption, especially in the summer months because of a decrease in air conditioning needs.


Reducing our Footprint

Spence hvac Spence Heating and Air Conditioning prides itself in taking care of the earth by recycling everything possible in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

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