More Financing Options

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More Financing Options

HVAC Financing

Spence HVAC is pleased to offer another financing option for our customers. Recently we partnered with Wells Fargo Home Improvement financing division; we now offer two convenient options to meet your needs. Wells Fargo, and GE financing offers you several options to replace or improve your current home comfort system. Give us a call today for further details on both options.

We wanted to remind everyone of our Facebook page.  When you "like" our page you will find weekly hints and tips to save money on your energy bill, and special offers you will only find on Facebook.

Don't forget to have your heating system analyzed before the extreme cold sets in to avoid any potentially costly problems. Mention this newsletter or Facebook page to receive a discount on your fall system check up.

With winter just around the corner it will soon be time to shut down your air conditioning for the season. With that in mind, we have a few seasonal shutdown tips that can help you protect your outdoor unit this winter.

winter hvac maintenance tips

Clear away debris. If old leaves and branches have accumulated on or around your condenser unit, remove them. Not only does debris add moisture, which can cause mold or freeze up in cold weather, but if it gets into your system, it can affect your air conditioners heat exchanger and cause unnecessary damage to your system.
Hose it off. Once you've removed debris from around the unit, use a high-pressure hose to spray off any dirt that has settled in your system.

Dry it off. A wet system is just an invitation for ice. After you've cleaned your unit, make sure you dry it thoroughly to prevent potential issues with freezing.

Turn it off. Make sure the power on your system is off to ensure that it won't run during the cold season. While you're at it, shut off the water, if possible.

Cover your system. Some outdoor units are protected by a small shelter. Other homeowners opt for a water-proof cover. No matter which method you choose to protect your system, just be sure that it will allow the system a little breathing room. This keeps moisture from building up under the cover and freezing when temperatures drop.

Maintain. Keep an eye on outdoor unit. Don't let water, snow or ice buildup on your cover. This puts unnecessary strain on your system and increases the likelihood of damage occurring.

With these seasonal shutdown tips, you should have little trouble protecting your air conditioner this winter season. If you have other questions about how you can prepare your household for the upcoming winter, speak to one of our trained technicians at Spence HVAC for further information. 770-979-3311

Reducing our Footprint

Spence hvac Spence Heating and Air Conditioning prides itself in taking care of the earth by recycling everything possible in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

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