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Service and Maintenance Plans

Service Plans:


Dave Lennox

Your HVAC system is your home's engine. And just like the engine of your car, preventative heating and A/C maintenance tune-ups simply saves you money and headaches from future breakdowns, and is especially crucial in the peak heat and cold weather. Spence HVAC offers a broad range of furnace and air conditioning Service Plans to meet every HVAC maintenance need.

Maintenance Plans:


We’ll automatically schedule and perform your furnace and air conditioner Optimization Tune-Ups when they're needed most, before the peak energy usage seasons. Pre-scheduling HVAC maintenance tune-ups ensure you save the most money on your energy bills during these peak times.
Many HVAC service contractors offer furnace or a/c equipment tune-up services, but you should always understand exactly what you're getting. Some are more work than your system requires, and you can be charged for unnecessary tasks. Our high-quality maintenance tune-ups are performed with integrity that only Spence HVAC can offer.  

A detailed visual furnace and air conditioning analysis performed by our professional technicians provides an explanation of potential furnace, air conditioner and air quality issues, needed HVAC repairs or risks. We'll also assess the safety, lifespan and energy efficiency of your home comfort system. It's the perfect service for anyone wanting to know the current operating condition and efficiency of their home's heating and cooling equipment, or would like to get a second opinion on work that has already been done. Allergy sufferers could also greatly benefit from the professional air quality assessment included in this low-cost service.